Life seems much better when you have great friends. Meeting people and connecting with them, having friendly relations makes you feel happy and complete. So, online bingo gives you an opportunity to socialize even more.

BINGO is a very popular game, and a renowned site, Game Village, has many chat rooms.

To build the community, game Village forum has its own online Forum.

Player meets are conducted once a year at least, in the UK- so that players get to meet each other in person and can also spend time with the chat hosts. Paul aka Wally has been on the site for the longest time and is one of most popular chat hosts based in the UK itself.

Chat hosts regularly conduct chat games in the bingo rooms and give out freebies to players.

There are 8 other chat hosts on the site. You can take a look at their profiles on the Games Village community.

There is an active Facebook page where players can participate in contests and win free tickets to the unplugged room among other freebies.

Regular charity games are conducted on the last day of every month at the Village Inn room between 3pm to 4pm

One of the most important features of online bingo is that it is a social game- players get to interact with other players online and can participate in chat rooms.

BINGO is one of the few games where you don’t have to just get your eyes down and play the game all by yourself.

GameVillage Bingo has the best bingo games online. You also get to meet many  bingo players and socialize with them.

So wait no more. Play your favourite online bingo games today.

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